Having worked for nearly 30 years with over 130 different companies, global and local, and had contact with many more PAs, I can honestly say that Lisa is one of the finest. To operate at the most senior levels in business, supporting very demanding individuals in complex and pressurised circumstances takes a rare combination of efficiency, proactivity, intelligence, diplomacy, discretion and charm. Lisa has them all. And in 20 years, I’ve never seen her stressed, harassed or in any way inadequate to the task. Or without a smile for that matter.

Jeremy Cox

Managing Partner, Jeremy Cox and Associates


I have worked closely with Lisa for a number of years. In that time I have relied upon her to schedule, organise and use her own judgment in all manner of client and internal management matters. Lisa is hard working, loyal and discreet. I have greatly appreciated Lisa's careful and deliberate approach to risk, planning and operational delivery as well as her excellent communication skills with clients who know that they can rely on her too.

Dominic Mahony OLY MBE

Executive Chairman at Lane4


Calm, organised and kind is the best way I can describe how Lisa manages to work with executive members. A team player and pragmatist Lisa is a valuable colleague to have on any project that involves high stakes and confidentiality. I would highly recommend Lisa for her organisational, project management and communication skills.

Urvi Marsh

Head of Talent & Development


Lisa is wonderful! Conscientious to a fault, Integrity is her trademark! Lisa is organised, has amazing attention to detail and just brilliant at getting things done. Also up for a challenge and is always looking to learn new skills.

Mike Hurst

Consultant Director


Lisa is reliable, extremely efficient, and an absolute professional. She is brilliant at what she does. She has supported me, always delivered when I needed it and is simply a joy to work with. She is consistent, very easy going and calm and considered. Her organisation skills are second to none and she can juggle many tasks without making a fuss. She is extremely adept at working at senior board level as well as with teams.

Annmarie Zehntner

Senior Consultant

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